The work of Natacha Nisic explores the invisible, images, words, interpretation, symbol and ritual. She interweaves links between stories, past and the present, to reveal the complexities of the relationship of what is shown and what is hidden, the spoken and the unspoken.Her work questions the nature of the image through various media: Super 8, 16MM, video, photography and drawing. She exhibits extensively around the world –  recent shows include Macro, Rome, the Yebisu Film Festival in Tokyo, Biennale de l’Image Movimenta, Nice, (2018), Media City Biennale in Seoul (2016), Bienal de la Imagen en movement in Buenos Aires, Munfret in Buenos Aires (2016),  Hermès Foundation in Seoul (2012).

Rather Die than Die, her new film has been commissioned by the French Ministry of Culture and recieved the Label of the Commemoration of the century of the First World War. Produced by Seconde Vague productions in cooperation with Arte – La Lucarne.


October 2018

– Renovation of the Memorial of the Children, Memorial of the Shoah, Paris.

– Macro Asilo – Roma, 13th October, presentation of the vidéo “f”.

– Conference – 23th October, “Osoresan or the landscapes of catastrophy”. Tokyo University of the Arts. . Opened to the public, 18h-20h.

– Rather Die than Die. Artist documentary film, 67′. On Arte website until the 07/12/2019




Natacha Nisic is a filmmaker and visual artist