Andrea, 5 channels installtion, video sound, Atelier Hermès, Seoul, 2012

Installation, 5 HD videos, each 10′, color, sound.
The Encounter : 13’9
The Souls : 8’9
Healing : 9’27
Archives : 10’32
The Voices : 8’55

This 5 channels installation starts from the study of a monk, Norbert Weber who lived in Korea in early 20th century. This Benedictine monk from Bavaria was interested in shamanism and published a book on.
Natacha Nisic meets a young Bavarian woman, Andrea, the spiritual daughter of Kim Keum Hwa, a famous Korean shaman.
The video shows her mutation from a woman educated as a Catholic, to a shaman.


The KW Complex – Natacha Nisic / Park Chan Kyong, Atelier Hermes, Seoul, 2012

The KW Complex, Jeesook Beck, Park Chan kyong, Natacha Nisic, 2012

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