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7th session towards Bienalsur 2021 – possible futures, migrations and contemporary art

At the 7th Online sessions towards BIENALSUR 2021, on Saturday, September 26th, the main topic will be Migrations and contemporary art in the twofold sense of the theme/problem of migrations in contemporary society and the issue of conceptual migrations, and the metalanguages. Aníbal Jozami, General Director of BIENALSUR, and Diana Wechsler, the Artistic Director of BIENALSUR, will be streaming a conversation with artists Kimsooja (KOR), Natacha Nisic (FRA) and Reza Aramesh, and curators Nayla Tamraz (LBN) and Abdellah Karroum (QAT).

Echo. Jeu de Paume, Paris, 15/10/2013 to 26/01/2014

NISIC, Natacha ; FOREST, Philippe. Entretiens sur l’art.
Rencontre entre Natacha Nisic, Maëlle Dault et Eric Corne
J-ONE-5, JP, 10-2013.

Natacha Nisic, Haus/raus-aus (Le Plateau) –