3×36 Aide mémoire, 2003

The video 3 x 36 aide-memoire, 1998-2001 proposes, from a film made up of superimposed and reframed photographs, a new reading time and a new approach to narration. It is almost like a diary in which we find very familiar subjects, photos and places chosen in the cities. The refilmed photographs present panoramic views taken in Paris, Berlin and London. The slow camera movement that revisits the images allows for another, more precise look at the photograph. This emphasis on the slowness of the images reveals another temporality, as if stopped and at odds with the flow of the cities.

3 x 36 aide mémoire, 2 channels video installtions with a 24×36 film roll, Le Plateau – Frac ïle de France, Paris, 2003
3 x 36 aide mémoire, 24×36 film roll, exerpt, 2003