Au tribunal, Face au génocide des tutsi,

RFI, la marche du monde de Valérie Nivelon.

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After working on the Shoah, artist and director Natacha Nisic is preparing a sound piece, thirty years after the genocide of the Tutsis in Rwanda. She has worked extensively on the issue of extreme violence, notably with historian Annette Becker. In 2018, she covered the trial in Paris of two genocidaires, found guilty of a massacre in the village of Kabarondo on April 13, 1994: Tito Barahira and Octavien Ngenzi, sentenced on appeal to life imprisonment for “crimes against humanity” and “genocide”. According to the UN, 2,000 people were killed in Kabarondo. Recorded at Euphonia studio, Friche de la Belle de mai, Marseille, following a residency with Alphabetville, Colette Tron.