Les Fumées – Carnet d’un procès pour génocide, Rwanda 1994-France 2018. Creaphis publisher. Will be released on October 2022

Von hier aus, Acht künstlerische Positionen aus den Residenzen 2019–2022, Rolff Stiftung, Burggladbach, Germany, 9-12 September 2022

Pravo Ljudski Film Festival, Sarajevo – Projection of Saint-Désir – l’Exil, 9’15”, 17-22 September 2022

Rencontres Internationales Paris Berlin – Projection of Saint-Désir – l’Exil, 9’15” – Haus der Kulturen der Welt, Berlin, Centre Wallonie-Bruxelles, Paris

The Crown Letter- festival KG+, Institut Français de Kyoto, Japan. 9 April to 8 May 2022

Contribution to the book ” Ecrans motiles”, by Sylvain Campeau, Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal. Trailer.

Contribution to the book “Annette Becker, un engagement”, Créaphis publisher

Winner of the Lea und Hans Grundig Prize 2021

Natacha Nisic could convince in the category art education with the collaborative Online-Project „The Crown Letter“, which has presented and connected artists from over the world  during the Corona-Pandemie.

Von Leben in industrielandschaften II, Leopold Hoesch Museum, Düren, Germany, 12th December to 13th March 2022

The structural change in view

“Vom Leben in Industrielandschaften – Den Strukturwandel im Blick” is the second part of an exhibition project that began in fall/winter 2019/2020 with the exhibition “Vom Leben in Industrielandschaften – Eine fotografische Bestandsaufnahme” (A photographic stocktaking). This presentation was about approaching the manifestations of industrially shaped landscapes by means of the indexical and conceptual qualities of photography.

With: Bernd und Hilla Becher, Prunella Clough, Alice Creischer, Dieter Dressler, Günther Friedrich, Adolf Erbslöh, Olaf Karnik und Volker Zander, Aglaia Konrad, Carl Lohse, Antje Majewski, Wolfgang Mattheuer, Stephan Mörsch, Natacha Nisic, Silke Schatz, Carl Schütz, Wilhelm Schürmann, Franz W. Seiwert, Wilhelm Überrück, Karl Zerbe a.o.

The exhibition is a cooperation with the Brandenburg State Museum of Modern Art | Dieselkraftwerk Cottbus.

Quinzaine Photographique Nantaise, Histoire (s), 22th October to 22th November 2021

Presentation of the film Rather Die than Die, Atelier, Nantes.

Le rayon Vert – Hôtel Le belvédère, Cerbère, France, from 29th September to 30th November 2021

The Crown Letter – Biennal Sur – MAPI- Monte video

The Crown Letter – Biennal Sur – Centro Cultural- Cordoba, from 30 october  to 30 december 2021


Environmental Awareness – Chapter 4: The Crown Letter

More than ever before, the pandemic crisis has brought to the fore the interdependence between human societies and the environment. Several voices reflected on this unexpected and unprecedented experience for humankind, giving rise to different actions. Among them is The Crown Letter, a work in progress presented as a collective diary of the diverse experiences in the life of the artists that make up this project, whose strong gender imprint has become one of its identity marks. The Crown Letter began in April 2020, at the onset of the Covid crisis, a time of widespread astonishment and despondency. French artist Natacha was convinced that there was an urgent need to come up with a global, collective response. Art could not be absent in the face of a catastrophe; it had to breathe and spread its oxygen in times of asphyxia. With neither resources nor institutional support, Natacha Nisic envisaged a website and immediately contacted artist friends from different countries and generations. A collective was soon organized with no leader or editorial line, driven by a common need that barely needs to be explained. While confinement affected everyone, it was clear to us all that it had a heavier impact on women, including artists. More than ever, they wanted to work and expose themselves in every sense to scrutiny and criticism. Through The Crown Letter they created a space to express and share what each of them and all of us were going through. They invented an “us” with open borders. Collectively, individualities were not blurred, but rather supported each other. As months went by, the dialogue became deeper and collective works were produced. The Crown Letter is presented as an online exhibition whose works, videos, photos, sculptures, poetry and prose are launched every week. It is a polyphonic manifesto with a tuning fork of the tempest, which over the weeks has become the intimate and collective diary of the pandemic from Mumbaï to Buenos Aires, Glasgow, London, Bucharest, Moscow, Paris…

The Crown Letter is a modest yet tenacious undertaking. It has made it past its first birthday and still continues. It will undoubtedly live on beyond the circumstances that brought it into existence.

The Crown Letter – Fondation Fiminco presented by Photodays, from 15th October to 27 november 2021

The Fondation Fiminco and Photo Days present The Crown Letter, an international collective of women artists, established by the French artist Natasha Nisic in April 2020, as an answer to the first wave of the Covid pandemic. Natasha Nisic started the project in order to help the production and diffusion of arts from women. As well as encourage exchanges, talks and solidarity, in a moment of their lives where their networks and visibility of their works were profoundly disturbed.Presented whitin the Photo Days exposition, it tries to account for the wealth of a project mixing generations of artists from various cultures through mediums as plurals as photography, drawings, txts, sounds, videos or performances.

With : SE Barnet, Maithili Bavkar, Anne Brunswic, Adriana Bustos, Claire Chevrier, Michelle Deignan, Liza Dimbleby, Sudha Padmaja Francis, Dettie Flynn, Claire-Jeanne Jézéquel, Kyoko Kasuya, Saviya Lopes, Ruth Maclennan, Ana Mendes, Maricarmen Merino, Aurelia Mihai, Manuela Morgaine, Natacha Nisic, Catherine Radosa, Luise Schröder, Esther Shalev-Gerz, Katja Stuke, Catalina Swinburn, Ivana Vollaro, Emma Woffenden.

Résister, reprendre – Les Chantiers de Marie-José Mondzain – La Commune, Théâtre d’Aubervilliers, from 25th to 26th September

Blackmail- Faire chanter – 10′ – “Faire chanter” is addressed to all spectators caught in the clutches of an economic machine whose artifices of representation use lures, virtual realities, and enchantments.this introduction to a tragi-comic opera in the process of being created is written as a tribute to Marie José Mondzain, a material for thinking about our economy of the senses and images.I owe to Marie José moments of sharing of an insane intensity, the color of which I would like to rediscover again, together, at La Commun.


L’Hyperfestival, Paris : Photodays presents The Crown Letter in two public spaces in the center of Paris:

Garden of the Tour Saint-Jacques, Paris 1, from August 1st to August 22nd

Garden Villemin,  canal Saint-Martin, Paris 10, from August 1st to August 22nd

Loneliness 2, Basel Center, Videocity

“Les Endormi(e)s” (The Sleeping Ones), 2004
12:00 min, no sound

“What could be hiding behind these closed eyes? Vivid or peaceful dreams, images, colours, sounds… Or perhaps silence, a peaceful thoughtlessness, a removal from the world.
These moments of escape from the tumult of everyday life were filmed by Natacha Nisic in the Tokyo underground back in 2004. The Japanese are known for their frantic pace of work, their strict self-control, letting their personalities give way to efficiency and devotion to a company. Curator Andrea Domesle. To read more

To watch the video

Centre Pompidou, Muesum of Contempory art, collections. Catalogue de Gestes.

Installation view, 20 monitors, 20 Super 8 on video, 2020


Katalog der unbesungenen Gesten – Kolumne “Bild des Woche” – FAZ
von Katja Petrowskaja

“In unserer maskierten Zeit ist die Gestik intensiver geworden. Sie muss Sinn und Ausdruck der Mimik übernehmen. Aber auch die Hände halten soziale Askese: Sie dürfen andere nicht berühren. Die Künstlerin Natacha Nisic huldigt ihnen.”
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