Winner of the Lea und Hans Grundig Prize 2021

Natacha Nisic could convince in the category art education with the collaborative Online-Project „The Crown Letter“, which has presented and connected artists from over the world  during the Corona-Pandemie.

L’Hyperfestival, Paris : Photodays presents The Crown Letter in two public spaces in the center of Paris:

Loneliness – II

A cooperation from Andrea Domesle, Mediathek der Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW, Pro Innerstadt Basel and Congress Center Basel

“Les Endormi(e)s” (The Sleeping Ones), 2004
12:00 min, no sound

“What could be hiding behind these closed eyes? Vivid or peaceful dreams, images, colours, sounds… Or perhaps silence, a peaceful thoughtlessness, a removal from the world.
These moments of escape from the tumult of everyday life were filmed by Natacha Nisic in the Tokyo underground back in 2004. The Japanese are known for their frantic pace of work, their strict self-control, letting their personalities give way to efficiency and devotion to a company. To read more

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Catalogue de Gestes

Centre Pompidou – National Museum of Modern Art, Paris. Floor 4 Room 20bis, Installation, Super 8 on video, mute, 2021

Catalogue de gestes, installation view, Museum of Modern Art, Pompidou, 2020

Katalog der unbesungenen Gesten – Kolumne “Bild des Woche” – FAZ
von Katja Petrowskaja

“In unserer maskierten Zeit ist die Gestik intensiver geworden. Sie muss Sinn und Ausdruck der Mimik übernehmen. Aber auch die Hände halten soziale Askese: Sie dürfen andere nicht berühren. Die Künstlerin Natacha Nisic huldigt ihnen.”
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The Crown letter –


In april 2020, Natacha Nisic initiated The Crown Letter. It is an online participatory art project created during the lockdown. It is a worldwilde open platform for the free expression of women artists, a cartography of the intimate over time and space, offering a meeting place for a community of subjectivities. The Crown Letter is released every Tuesday since 21st April 2020. Online magazine founded by Natacha Nisic

The Crown Letter is hosted every month on

Natacha Nisic , Rebellion, 2021

Natacha Nisic – interview: ‘We needed a place for free expression, a visibility, a female presence’ – Studio International by Nicola Homer

“The world of art has changed. Museums are forced to innovate in the pandemic. The Frick Collection in New York has launched a YouTube series, snappily called Cocktails with a Curator. A parallel can be seen in how artists are playing at being curators, as they create new digital spaces. One example is The Crown Letter, launched in April by the French artist and film-maker Natacha Nisic.” To read more