Andrea’s Sky – Le Ciel d’Andrea, 2014

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Le Ciel d’Andrea. HD video, color, sound, 65′.
Seconde Vague Productions, Arte – La Lucarne, Paris, 2013

Andrea tells her story in the first person, from her initiation in Korea in 2007 until today. Between two facing worlds, Europe, heir to the rationalist thought of the Enlightenment, and the East, a distant, sometimes frightening but seductive figure of exoticism, Andrea, a Bavarian mother turned shaman, is leading a personal and cultural revolution whose stake is nothing less than life or death…

With Andrea Kalff, Master Kim Keum Hwa

Camera Nathalie Durand  , Sound design Jean-Yves Pouyat, Editing Mathieu Augustin, Natacha Nisic,  Produced by Paul Saadoun, Seconde vague Production


Seconde vague production

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Entretien avec Natacha Nisic, Natacha Nisic et Anne Dubos, 2014

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