Rather die than die

Rather Die than Die, 67′, 2017

Natacha Nisic leads us into a triple mise en abyme: Aby Warburg, the World War, the images: all three are declined in multiple fall-out that intersect, crystallize, light up, go out, like the flames of the cannons and the vibrancy of constellations. The bias of the film is to immerse the viewer in an experience, that of the duration of the conflict and its traumatic nature through an incise in a singular story, that of the German art historian Aby Warburg, and the psychosis that is precisely triggered by the Armistice Declaration of 1918. It is at the heart of a man’s madness, of the intimate drama of fear and cruelty, that the experience of a form of violence is made sensitive. The film is a symphony in the image of man, a film-manifest in the background as in its form.

In association with ARTE France – La lucarne
With support from France’s Ministry of Culture and the Direction des Arts Plastiques
With support from Procirep, Angoa and CNC

Written by Natacha Nisic
Directed by Natacha Nisic
Director of Photography : Natacha Nisic
Sound: Nicolas Waschkowski
Editor: Natacha Nisic




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