Rather die than die


Rather Die than Die. Production Seconde Vague, Arte-La Lucarne, Centre National des Arts Plastiques.

Without our realizing it, because the still shots flickering before our eyes appear to have,

with their tranquil immobility, a stabilizing effect on other images rife with emotion. Step by step, Rather Die than Die coaxes us to enter the core of pain. Without really knowing how, we move into the heart of a visual and audio experience primarily made up of archival material. It takes us to long-gone world, a world that, despite the patina, the distancing effect and the foreignness, does not hide its violent nature.
The film I aim to make might be the psychological portrait of numerous ordinary men living on the brink of one world teetering into another, situated between two visions of time and of society, in the years 1914 to 1926. In other words, World War I and its aftermath.
The film’s goal is to plunge the audience into the duration of the war and experience
Devastation through most unusual story, the life of German art historian Aby Warburg. The Armistice signed in 1918 ended one war but, for Aby Warburg opened another, crippling psychosis.
The swirl of one man’s madness, his theatre of fear and cruelty, serves as the setting for rendering this experience of mental violence.
The film will be a symphony to man’s image, manifesto film in both content and form.

Seconde Vague Productions