Transport, depuis qu’elle est partie

The installation is composed by a video projection, water, plexiglas and an aluminium trolley.

Transport, depuis qu’elle est partie. Production : Natacha Nisic, Galerie Jennifer Flay, Paris, FR, 1998.

The picture is projected on water, on the aluminium trolley (the bottom is made by plexiglas). It crosses the water and appears on the aluminium, then the water reflections project colors on the ceiling.
The image of the body could be carryied, as a an object, pointing out the onthological relation of the object and its representation, showing the image as a dead body.

Exhibitions :
Galerie Jennifer Flay, 1998, FR.
“Aller-retour”, Bonner Kunstverein, 1999, DE.

Works of 1998 :
Regard fatigué
3×36 Aide Mémoire