Karaoke – Ein Abend in der Fremde

Codirected with Herbert Schwarze.

The installation takes place in the center of Dortmund which is getting empty and poor due to the crisis of the steel industry.
The karaoke proposes a repertory of german songs : the Schlagers, hits, popular songs.
The karaoke is seen as a conceptual disposal permitting to separate lyrics, melody and images. Reading or singing the texts of the songs reveals a paradoxal content : some Schlagers like “Grieschischer Wein” are known as popular and german songs whereas they are drawing the portrait of the nostalgy of the foreignworkers (Gast arbeiter).

Karaoke, ein Heimat in der Fremde, Dortmunf, Plan B, Hartwerk Projekt, 2001

Exhibitions :
Plan B, Dortmund, DE
Curators: Iris Dressler, Hans D. Christ

Works of 2000 :