Haus, 2003

Haus is the skeleton of an inverted house roof, lying on the ground. This imposing structure finds it difficult to fit into the space. This impression of a poor fit with the space was intended by the artist to establish a relationship of strength in the place. The structure is designed on the model of traditional Japanese houses made of wood.

The installation becomes the support for two video projections. The first is a bird’s eye view of perfectly aligned roofs of suburban houses. The regularity and similarity of the buildings, as well as the layout (gardens, car spaces) and the angle of the shot, make one think of a viewpoint on a model. Natacha Nisic thus raises the question of reality or illusion in the face of such images: how our gaze is oriented, how it inflects objects towards new meanings when they are associated with such or such a context.


Haus, Wooden structure of an inverted roof, 2 channel videos, mute, Haus-Aus/raus, Le Plateau- Frac ïle de France, 2003©N’Guyen