March 2020


VIDEOBOX – Cnap-Image-Mouvement – Invitation to Natacha Nisic

October 2019


Rouges et Noires – Institut Cervantes, Paris

June-July 2019



While meeting Nakamura Take, the last Itako, blind shaman of Japan, Natacha Nisic and historian Ken Daimaru draw a dreamlike fresco about cultural heritages and their function in the places affected by the triple disaster of 11 March 2011.

Galerie Anne de Villepoix. Wendesday 10th July at 20h30

Rencontres Paris-Berlin Haus des Kulturen der Welt 20-25th August –

Christoph Hein

26′, Arte France, 2003

Centre Pompidou – BPI, Cinema 2 – June 21th 12h

Christoph Hein was born in 1944 in Silesia. A playwright, he began publishing short stories and novels in the early 1980s, which quickly brought him wide recognition from national and international audiences. His public interventions in 1989, his warnings against the euphoria following the fall of the Wall, made him one of the most important intellectuals in reunited Germany. The director films Christoph Hein walking in the city of Berlin. Strange places are discovered, some in ruins such as the Palast der Republik in East Berlin, and the writer comments on what this place represented and what it has become. Christoph Hein reflects on the writing, on the necessary solitude of the writer, on the German history of the 20th century. Portrait of a discreet, isolated, lucid and distant chronicler of his time, whose writing is characterized by precision: “A precise and merciless look is better than a moral one”. Excerpts from texts are read in voice-over: Willenbrock (Metailié, 2001); Le Jeu de Napoléon (Métailié, 1997); L’Ami étranger (Alinéa, 1985); Dès le tout début (Métailié, 2002).