Catalogue de Gestes

Centre Pompidou – National Museum of Modern Art, Paris. Floor 4 Room 20bis, Installation, Super 8 on video, mute, 2021

Catalogue de gestes, installation view, Museum of Modern Art, Pompidou, 2020


The Crown

The Crown Letter is an online participatory art project created during the lockdown. It is a worldwilde open platform for the free expression of women artists, a cartography of the intimate over time and space, offering a meeting place for a community of subjectivities. The Crown Letter is released every Tuesday since 21st April 2020. Online magazine founded by Natacha Nisic

The Crown Letter is hosted every month on

Taming Time – Found Family Album ©Natacha Nisic & The crown Letter, Week 31


The global Covid-19 crisis has called into question the situation of artists and their visibility. What spaces will be available for art to be experienced? The artist Natacha Nisic launches her collaborative art project The Crown Letter, inviting more than forty women artists from all over the world to make their voices heard in a weekly publication.

The Crown Letter begins a collective diary of confinement during the Covid19 pandemic.It brings together visual artists as well as writers, composers and filmmakers to express their experience of confinement in photographs, videos, sound works, drawings, poems and other texts in several languages.


Anatomie du quotidien – Maison forte, Saint-Gervais, France

Strange Days- Erinnerung ist ein Gespenst – Mahlkasten, Düsseldorf, Germany

In the showcase of Mahlkasten, Düsseldorf, Monde, Natacha Nisic, 2020

With  Alisa Berger, Luise Schröder, Natacha Nisic

in discussion with Dr. Doris Krystof organised by Katja Stuke. “Culture Loop” goes into the second round. Thanks to the support of the Frauenkulturbüro, the four female artists on the board of the artists’ association curate exciting artistic positions.
Katja Stuke has chosen the video artists Natacha Nisic (Paris), Luise Schröder (Potsdam, Leipzig, Paris) and Alisa Berger (Cologne, Tokyo) with the aim of presenting one of their video works each in large format in the Malkasten theatre and discussing it in a round of talks with Dr. Doris Krystof (K21, Düsseldorf).

Culture Loop